Based in Banbury in the UK, Doodlebone mproduce the very best quality dog accessories including:

Leads: the Doodlebone® range of leads gives you choice. Our Bold leads come in 10 vibrant colours to match our Bold collar and harness range. Our Slip and Rope leads are both strong, very easy to use, and have a reflective strip woven in. The Doodlebone® Rambler is a nifty 5m retractable lead which sits comfortably in your hand for ultimate control.

Harnesses: the Doodlebone® range of harnesses gives plenty of choice for anyone with an excitable dog that can’t wait to go walkies! Harnesses are a great alternative to a traditional collar and lead, especially for smaller dogs, giving you more control and your dog a more comfortable experience.

Collars: at Doodlebone® we wanted to challenge the traditional lead and collar. Whether you own a Pinscher or a St. Bernard you’ll have to agree that dogs are full of life, variety and colour so surely we can do a little better in return than plain old black and brown? Our colourful range sizzles with style and vibrancy without compromising on quality and we think you will love the Doodlebone® difference! 

The Bold Collection

The Bold collection: a specialist collection is known as the Bold Range featuring dog harnesses & collars.

The Doodlebone® Bold range is a suite of mix-and-match products in bright, funky colours. Built to last, they are traditional style dog accessories for modern dogs! They’re double stitched for extra strength and available in a wide range of adjustable sizes suitable for almost any type of dog out there. The only question is, to coordinate or not to coordinate?