Gift Horse Craft Kits

EXCLUSIVE! Gift Horse Kits Best of New-Wave British Craft Collection!

We think Gift Horse Kits offer a selection of the most unusual and cutest knitted characters in the world.  Centre-stage has to go to the Shy Koala and Cheeky Monster Knitting Kits, a must-have gift any child.

Gift Horse Kits are smart kit-boxes packed with all the lovely things you'll need to make a soft and squeezable beastie (or beasties!) including plenty of yarn, high quality bamboo knitting needles, painted wooden/plastic buttons, felt, stuffing, plastic needle, beads and paper patterns.

All kits come with easy to follow, fully illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Unlike many knit kits that are packaged in squashy paper bags, Gift Horse Kits are attractively packaged in a signature Gift Horse kit box, tied with a ribbon and a handwritten tag to make them a bit more special.

These kits make ideal gifts for even learner knitters.