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Buyers receive a percentage of their order value in free products of their choice & super-low or free global shipping if they place their order by the deadline. Plus we save buyers time and money by sifting through hundreds of brands and only selecting and offering them the very best. We also offer a minimum order value of just £100 per brand. Above all, we focus on quality rather than quantity.

Providing Either Short or Forward Orders On All Brands. Don't Forget to Include Best of World's Exclusive Brands In Your Buying Process.

We can supply on a short order basis or forward order basis. All special offers are also available for forward orders. 

On-Trend! Here's Our Craft Kit & Upmarket Cake Decorating Brands!

From Crystal Candy's upmarket and innovative cake decorating products such as ediblle diamonds & edible cake flakes to our amazing collection of the Best of British Craft Kits, these are great products for maintaining sales. Trial these brands with a minimum order value of just £100 per brand.

Crystal Candy's Luxury Cake Decorations.

Crystal Candy's Edible Diamonds are part of their innovative &  upmarket cake decor collections.

Available in 3 sizes and 25 colours. Made from isomalt for a perfect finish.

Corinne Lapierre's Intricate Craft Kits.

Corinne Lapierre's kits are easy to use, create beautiful end-results and pay great attention to details

Eco-Credentials: each kit uses 100% recycled felting materials.

Bobo Stitch Cross Stitch Craft Kits.

Bobo Stitch offer a collection of innovative cross-stitch kits from homeware to childrens accessories.

Also take a look at their glow-in the-dark cross stitch kits.

How To Order Online Or a Request a Free Quote

Request a Free Quote! Create a shopping basket of products and then go through the actual checkout process as far as and including Review Order but without making payment. Please ensure you add your name and address so we can identify your order.

Alternatively you can email us a screen shot of the baskets contents. We will then send you a free, no-obligation quote.

Place An Order Online: Order & pay online.

Free Retail Buyer Membership Benefits

Here are some of the innovative features of free membership.

- Order Multiple, Exciting, Global Brands at the same time.

- Unlimited Product Choice Per Brand: choose from every product, design and colour a brand has to offer.

- Virtually-Free or Free International Shipping: depending on the value of the order.

- Super Fast Delivery: normally 5 - 7 working days.

- Low Minimum Order Values to Enable 'Trial': just £100 per brand.

Free Retail Buyer Membership Benefits

- Pay Online for a quick and easy service.

- Free Quote Available! We recommend a quote because it enables us to provide competitive, upto date shipping and product prices.

- ADDED-VALUE! Free Marketing Advice Service: to ensure retailers can maximise sales using our expert advice.

- ADDED-VALUE! MONTHLY Sales Promotions: to ensure retailers can maximise sales to consumers by 'pushing' through our sales promotions.

- Permanently Low Prices Policy: we work hard to lower our prices.