Trade Special LIVE Deal! Vim Vigr Compression Socks. Save £66.96 on a Starter Collection of 36 Pairs Compression Socks!

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Starter Pack of 36 mixed socks and sizes of choice

Only £ 468.00

Normal Trade Price: £ 534.96

Saving: £ 66.96

Deal Ends Friday 29th October 2021


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Vim Vigr! The US´s Best Selling Compression Sock Brand

Another new USA brand exclusive to Best of World Brands. Introducing Vim & Vigr, the world's leading fashion compression socks for women and men.

Weaving style and quality into therapeutic threads, their legwear helps people from all walks of life take on their day while looking good and feeling great.

Ideal for work, pregnancy, running and sports, and travelling.

Available in Cotton (200 count), Moisture-Wick Nylon (400 count), Nylon (400 count) & Merino Wool (200 count).  Sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL

Compression Types : 15 - 20 mm/hg, 20 - 30 MM/ HG, 30 - 40 MM/ HG

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